Algebra AEC was established in 2014. From the beginning we've been working quietly, establishing relationships, and developing workflows to kill-it on projects. We aren't your typical architectural engineering firm (in case you haven't noticed yet). 

Algebra is what you get when you only hire rock stars looking to change the world. You know - those individuals who believe that replacing an ancient steam heat-exchanger shouldn't be done like-for-like.  Or when administering a LEED project, parametric analysis should be performed to evaluate the most effective project approach.  Turns out, when you collect these individuals, you create a culture of innovation, collaboration, and altruism. We put in work and have fun doing it.


Too often, the industry views sustainability as antagonistic to normal building design, engineering, and construction. Business-as-usual may seem to save effort, cost, and time but Algebra AEC sees sustainability differently. We incorporate sustainability into each decision we make and every element we design. Whether it's for a boiler replacement or a building-wide HVAC design, our team of engineers and scientists approaches each project with an eye to sustainable design. By applying some core principles in an intelligent and strategic fashion AAEC has helped produce buildings that are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also energetically and financially efficient to operate.


We ask the right questions that will have implications now only now, but for decades to come. What power source is most efficient, in terms of financial and energy cost, for a given application? Which system is most appropriate, in terms of energy demand, ease of maintenance, initial cost, and ongoing operational cost? How will glazing impact HVAC load, and how does this vary with season and climate?

With extensive experience working on high-impact LEED projects, our team can handle all aspects of LEED administration. Moreover, we provide several value-add services that makes us stand apart from the industry.


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