We're hiring a Senior Mechanical. Looking to up your career?

Algebra AEC is growing. We need another unicorn. Run-of-the-mill engineers need not apply.

We’re looking to add a senior mechanical engineer to our team in Cleveland. This individual would lead projects, work with clients, and task and manage our growing team of junior engineers. Below are some of the traits we’re looking for.

Position requirements:

  1. Must be a good human being.

  2. Must accept the veracity of global warming and the fact that if we do not change how we design our buildings, drive our cars, and eat our food – we will go the way of the dinosaurs.

  3. Must be able to disagree on fundamental concepts during conversation in a respectful manner.

  4. Must be able to think beyond your own scope of work, to things that affect others working on the project and optimizing an owner's operations.

  5. Must be motivated for something other than the weekend.

  6. Must be mechanically inclined.

  7. Must appreciate architecture, design, and culture.

  8. Must be confident without being cocky and have a high degree of humility.

You need to be kill'en it in at least 9 of the requirements below:

  1. Must be able to design HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection.

  2. Should be familiar with designing spaces conforming to NFPA 45.

  3. Should be familiar with designing spaces conforming to NFPA 497.

  4. Should be familiar with designing spaces conforming to NFPA 30.

  5. Must be comfortable in client meetings.

  6. Should be able to kill it when interviewing for projects — (kill'en it)².

  7. Should have great communication skills.

  8. Should be able to work independently with only a scope of work defined from our project proposals.

  9. Must have a degree in mechanical engineering.

  10. You get a gold star on our application review form for having a masters degree.

  11. Must hold a PE license in the state of Ohio

  12. Should have some energy modeling experience.

  13. Should have some experience in programming (any language).

  14. Must have experience designing hydronic plants, piping systems, HVAC equipment selection, HVAC load calculations, etc.

  15. Should have an understanding of acoustics and how to minimize nuisance sounds in a building through unwanted sound and vibration transfer.

  16. Should have experience in plumbing design, domestic waste vent, natural gas line sizing, etc.

  17. Should have experience in plumbing design for labs (acid drainage and piping systems for O₂, N₂, Compressed Air, Xylene, etc).

  18. Must have experience with designing major capital projects and following them from conceptual design to occupancy.

  19. Must be proficient in Revit.

  20. Should hate doing repetitive tasks manually.

  21. Should have some experience in high performance computing with analysis for CFD / lighting / acoustics, etc.


  1. Compensation will be more or less industry standard. Benefits are killer. Work-life balance is encouraged

Employment benefits:

  1. 99% match for healthcare coverage.

  2. Individual (Anthem)

  3. Deductible: $1000

  4. Out of pocket max: $3,200

  5. Family (Anthem)

  6. Deductible: $2000

  7. Out of pocket max: $6,400

  8. 99% vision insurance covered by the company.

  9. 99% dental insurance covered by the company.

  10. A 401k plan is available.

  11. Company paid parking structure, right behind the office.

  12. Salary increases and bonuses paid out twice a year

  13. Ice Cream Mondays and live music on Fridays in the summer.

  14. Comp-time (over the course of the year, we don’t work more than an average of 40 hours a week).

  15. Working at a company that gives a damn about employees’ quality of life.

  16. Working in the best location in town between MOCA and ABC Tavern.

  17. Relatively flexible schedule. We work when our clients work.

  18. Ability to work on bad-ass projects with some cool cats.

How to Apply:

Email us your resume / CV / LinkedIN profile / website / twitter handle / GitHub repo - whatever you got that defines you and your skills.

Not in the Cleveland area?

If you have the above traits and qualifications and have strong relationships with clients, but are not in Cleveland, email us to discuss options. We're always looking to hire good people.