We've got 6-1/2 weeks off this year w/ PTO and holidays. Plus Year-Flex!

I was recently laying out our PTO and Holiday time off and one of our newer employees was pretty surprised at how much time we have off. Just wanted to throw our policy out there to get some feedback.

Our Policy

In 2019, our employees have 12 holidays, 6 floating holidays, and 120 hours of PTO with a carry-over maximum of 200 hours. Oh, and PTO drops on your date-of-hire, you don't accrue it. 

Add to that, we flex our time across the entire year with quarterly check-ins to give employees feedback on how they are trending.

Annual Holidays

PTO + Holidays

Differentiating between sick and vacation is stupid, thus why we've setup PTO. The thought was to give employees a standard 2 weeks of "vacation" and 1 week of "sick" time and let them do what they want with their time off since we're all adults and can manage our own time. 

We drop PTO (prorated) on the date of hire, this is to eliminate the feeling of indentured servitude those first few months of not being able to take any time off without having a potentially awkward conversation with your manager.

The carry-over maximum was implemented to force people to take time off, or loose it. Employees and employers do better when everyone takes time to recharge. 


Architectural engineering can require long hours. When you love what you do, and the team you work with, time passes faster, but burnout remains a thing. 

To keep our team from burning out, we flex time, hard

Employees are encouraged to take vacation and not track the time on PTO until the 3rd or 4th quarter. 

Some weeks we run well over 40 hours, other weeks we may take a day or two off and be substantially short on our time sheet. At the end of the quarter we check-in with the number of hours required for that period, and sum total billable hours for the team.  

The 4th quarter is used to calibrate our time, put in extra hours, or take some well-deserved time off.


This year, we are providing 264 hours paid time off between Holidays and PTO (which is about 12.6% of the year), plus Year-Flex. 

The policies we've been setting up are meant to have heart, and treat our team as family. Working at Algebra isn't a job; its a lifestyle.