Nadi Filter - Association for the Development of Pakistan

The Association for the Development of Pakistan (ADP) desired to provide rural villagers, in southern Sindh, clean water. The Nadi Filter project was a feasibility and implementation assessment for deploying 10,000 Nadi Filters (bio-sand water filters) throughout the Jati region of southern Sindh. The materials for the filters would be provided by local vendors, and the filters would be assembled by the recipients. The tasks addressed by the project team were to establish, with an extremely high level of confidence, that 1) Nadi Filters were the best answer to the "no clean drinking water" problem in rural Sindh, 2) to size the need in Jati and in southern Sindh and establish a "total market need" and 3) to develop the right operational strategy to implement the installation of the filters. Over a four month period we assessed the alternatives to Nadi Filters; and the efficacy, reliability and sustainability of the filters in the southern Sindh region. This included contacting local and international experts in water purification and assisting in developing water sampling procedures. At the onset of the project we implemented a project management work-flow to streamline research and documentation. The work-flow was adopted by ADP for all future projects.

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