CWRU - Bio Enterprise - Hot Water Heater Replacement

Algebra AEC was asked by Case Western Reserve University to study the replacement of the Domestic Hot Water (DHW) heater serving the BioEnterprise building. This building houses labs in addition to office space. This, in addition to the boiler room’s proximity to the roof, made it a likely candidate for a solar hot water system.


Multiple options were studied, which range from a simple replacement gas water heater to a heat exchanger tied into the existing hydronic heating loop. The addition of a solar hot water loop to supplement these options was considered as an alternate.


The existing infrastructure was favorable to all options, with a boiler room on the top floor of the building, plenty of space, and an over-provisioned hydronic heating system. The current boiler schedule, however, had gross inefficiencies and wasn't conducive to the solar loop. The scope of this project needed to be expanded to include proper study and melioration of the hydronic heating loop.

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