CWRU - Thwing Kitchen Exhaust

The Jolly Scholar restaurant, located in the Thwing building, was in need of repairs to it’s kitchen grease exhaust systems. At the time, there were two commercial kitchen hoods with exhaust that discharged to the exterior of the building. The exhaust discharged via a louver directly over an entrance door, creating unsightly damage around the door due to dripping grease, as well as creating odors in the area.


Algebra AEC was tasked with evaluating the replacement of the kitchen hoods, their exhaust fans, makeup air units, and associated ductwork, while upgrading its functionality at the same time. AAEC had studied several options for solutions to these issues.


The core scope of this project was to replace the kitchen hood exhaust ductwork and associated exhaust fans only. It was suggested to have several add-alternate items which included: new hoods, new makeup-air units to serve the hoods, and new ozone units to reduce grease accumulation.

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CWRU - Thwing Kitchen Exhaust