Private Industrial Client - Building 8 Industrial Ventilation Systems

Algebra AEC was selected as the prime A/E consultant for a private industrial client’s Industrial and Lab Filtration project in Wickliffe, OH. Services provided include project and construction management, architecture, mechanical, plumbing, fire protection, and structuralengineering.  The design included an industrial ventilation system with mist collection. Filtration media included carbon and permangenate to capture mercaptans generated in the event of a batch entering the decomp process. The filtration unit also served existing lab hoods and room filtration. Challenges in the project included reusing an existing unaccessible duct-run which required detailed fitting by fitting static pressure drop calculations. Additionally the project could not afford any downtime and the construction was phased at a duct-run by duct- run level to accomodate this requirment.  Photos of the project are not available due to the confidential nature of the site and facility.

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